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Mar 9, 2012

Book Review: Compromising Kessen by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Compromising Kessen
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 253 pages
Release Date: February 2012
Buy Link:
ISBN: 978-1-936852-98-7


The last thing career-driven Kessen Newberry wants is to leave her home in Colorado to spend a Season in London, far away from her job, her friends and the memories of her mother. However, her father, the Earl of Newberry, threatens to disinherit her unless she gets in touch with her British roots. She complies, but has no intention of enjoying the experience.

That is until she meets Christian Vandenbrook, the arrogant and irritatingly handsome future Duke of Albany and her father’s business partner. Unfortunately, Christian hates Americans. And coffee. And apparently, Kessen.
A hatred this passionate can only lead to one thing… marriage.

Caught in the middle of a Regency-inspired nightmare, Kessen and Christian are forced to marry in only one week’s time. Resigned to their fate, the two resolve to give the relationship a chance—which would be much easier if everyone would stop interrupting them every time they found a moment alone.


Well, this is the first work of Rachel Van Dyken I've ever read and honestly, I'm thinking why haven't I ever read anything from her until now.

The book was good and the cover was perfectly gorgeous! It's definitely one of my most fun reads. It's a bit different from other Contemporary Romances because it's like a Modern Day Regency Romance. It's like both Historical and Modern Contemporary Romance in one book which I think is brilliantly done by the author. The characters are well likable. Christian and Kessen are quite good because the author make them work. I must say that I love love love their amusing chemistry. And the other characters are quite fun too. I think 'FUN' is what this book is all about.

I loved reading this because it's hilarious! And the way the author wrote their dialogues and interactions with one another is quite natural and fun. I must say that the wit is also one of the things I loved about this book. The pacing of the story is just right. There are no dull moments. The only thing I might complain about this book is that, I think the depth was overshadowed by the hilarity and funniness of the plot. I could have enjoyed this book even more if it was given  a little more depth.

Overall, I think the book is good for readers who just wants to sit and relax for a while. For those who wants a light read that you can laugh out loud on your down time, then you just can't afford to miss this book. This one is a keeper!

I'm thinking I might stalk Rachel Van Dyken's other works! 


Rachel Van Dyken is a Graduate of Northwest Nazarene University, with a degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis in industrial psychology and a minor in Spanish. She is also a Post Graduate of California Coast University receiving a MBA with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. She resides in Nampa, Idaho and counsels children. Starbucks is a daily must, spiders make her scream, and she loves chocolate but is allergic, of course. Nate, her husband makes her laugh so hard she cries and they share their Pacific Northwest home with a very loud snoring boxer named Sir Winston Churchill.

Rachel loves to read almost as much as she loves to write. Although she loves to write contemporary romance, her heart will always be with historical and regency romances. Glittering balls and dangerous rakes hold her captivated like chocolate and Starbucks.



  1. Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Thanks for dropping by on my blog Rachele! The book was really nice!

  3. :) I love Rachel's books too! She makes me laugh out loud!

  4. Rachel does have that special talent in making people laugh while reading her book!

  5. enjoyed the review

  6. This goes on my to-read list. Sounds like I'd enjoy this one. VERY MUCH - As always...I love your review. _yay_

  7. This looks like a fun weekend read and I love the cover. Isn't it exciting when you find a new author..and race around scooping up all of their other books :)

  8. Yes! This is exciting! It's a really fun read! Thanks for dropping by and commenting in here!

  9. Thanks for liking the review Sasse!

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