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Book Review: Outback Hearts by Susan Stoker

Title: Outback Hearts
Author: Susan Stoker
Publication Date: May 18, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing Blurb:Sam never thought she'd actually be chosen for a reality show -- but next thing she knew, she was whisked away to Australia. Dealing with a producer willing to do whatever he had to do to make the show a hit, other women ready to cheat and lie to gain the attention of the bachelor, and a camera operator ready to catch her at her worst every time she turned around, absolutely nothing was as simple as it seemed on TV. Not to mention the pigs, killer rattlesnakes and shoveling manure. Sam wasn't sure she was going to make it through filming most days -- never mind find true love.

Alex never thought he'd be on a reality show, but how hard could being surrounded by beautiful women be? A lot harder than he'd thought. The producer changed the rules of the show behind his back, the women were nearly clawing at each other for his attention -- an…

Book Review: A Rose in Flanders Fields by Terri Nixon

Title: A Rose in Flanders Fields
Author: Terri Nixon
Publication Date: July 17, 2014
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance Publisher: Carina UK (Harlequin Digital) Blurb:Driving an ambulance through the mud in Flanders, aristocrat Evie Creswell is a long way from home. At Oaklands Manor all she had been expected to do was to look pretty and make a good marriage. But with the arrival of World War One everything changed.

And Evie, to the horror of her family, does not choose a husband from her blue-blooded set; instead she weds artist Will Davies, who works as a butcher’s apprentice. Soon she is struggling nightly to transport the wounded to hospital, avoiding the shells and gas attacks – her privileged home life, and her family’s disappointment at her marriage, a lifetime away.

And while Evie drives an ambulance in Belgium, Will is in the trenches in France. He withdraws from her, the trauma of his experience taking hold. Evie has the courage to deal with her war work, but it breaks her heart t…

Book Review: The Robber Knight by Rob Thier

Title: The Robber Knight
Author: Rob Thier
Publication Date: May 3, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance Publisher: CreateSpace Blurb:When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her people all on her own, with nobody to help her but a dark warrior she hates with all her heart.
Kayla's Thoughts:I have always had a love for historical fiction. I mean, I think it is so neat to read about people from a completely other time. And if done right, it can feel as if you too are a part of that time, if only for a while.

I absolutely loved the characters in this novel. Lady Ayla is so headstrong and stubborn. She is a little firecracker. But she is also a brave and loyal and honorable girl. She would do whatever it takes to save her people from any force that would threaten their safety. And Reuben...well, they are so perfect for each other it's not even funny.

The conflict between the two char…

Book Review: Cured Meat by Polly Trope

Title: Cured Meat
Author: Polly Trope
Publication Date: April 24, 2014
Genre: Urban Fiction

Blurb:On the daring road to happiness out of mental hospital, passing through the NYC drug scene and the London escort life, this low-life odyssey is an elegant picaresque romp through the slums of the human soul. Bizarre encounters with colourful characters make for tragi-comic strange tales of rockers, dreamers and comedians.

Kayla's Thoughts:
Cured Meat. I wasn't sure what to expect from a book with a title like that, aand I had some doubts about whether or not I would like it, but after reading its blurb, I thought I should try it. It surprised me.

This book is about a spiral into darkness, with bouts of happiness and clarity, albeit few, mixed in. It is about a woman's journey through depression, addiction, and mental illness. It delves into her mind and unleashes her inner-most thoughts and fears throughout this entire thing.

The imagery of this book is quite beautiful, and after a …

Book Review: A Kiss By The Book by Christy Hayes

Title: A Kiss By The Book (Kiss and Tell, Book 2)
Author: Christy Hayes
Publication Date: March 26, 2014
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Blurb:College senior Zach Chamberlain's charmed life has always gone according to script: Eighteen Date the prettiest girl in high school, check. Football scholarship to a division-one school, check. Heisman contender, check. Buy engagement ring, check. On track to graduate with honors, check. There's just one glitch. His girlfriend is in love with his younger brother and breaks up with him in the middle of his senior season. Shocked, betrayed, and embarrassed, Zach turns to the only woman he can trust: his nerdy tutor.

Tutoring college athletes at Southeastern State University is more than a job for Jenna Peterson; it's a way for her to pay it forward after long-ago tragedy struck too close to home. SE State's golden boy, Zach Chamberlain, isn't the first jock Jenna's tutored with cover-boy good looks, and he won't be the last…

Blog Tour: Book Review and Giveaway: Forager by Peter R. Stone

Title: Forager
Author: Peter R. Stone
Publication Date: November 22, 2013
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Blurb:Eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones lives in Newhome, a town built upon the decaying ruins of post-apocalyptic Melbourne, ruins haunted by the ferocious Skel, a nomadic tribe of degenerate savages.

The Skel are ramping up their attacks on Newhome's foraging teams and infesting Melbourne's ruins in ever greater numbers. Is this part of a larger plan that could spell the town's doom?

Meanwhile, the last thing Ethan expects when he and his companions rescue a two-car convoy from the Skel is a Japanese teenage girl with an outlandish dress sense, who, after they take her back to Newhome, goes to great lengths to ingratiate herself into his life. But is it in gratitude for saving her life or is she seeking something more?

And what a quandary she places him in, for he knows the rules, that no man is permitted to be alone with an unmarried woman. But how can he drive such a…

Blog Tour: Giveaway and Book Review: The Star Catcher by Stephanie Keyes

Title: The Star Catcher (The Star Child series, Book 3)
Author: Stephanie Keyes
Publication Date: October 20, 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Blurb:Magick and destiny intertwine as he fights to save his kingdom and the goddess he loves.

Her kiss...the feel of her skin...the beat of her heart...For seventeen-year-old Kellen St. James, each memory is marred by a single sentence on a lone strip of paper. Cali has been taken...

Armed with an amulet that channels the ultimate power of Faerie, Kellen searches for his love. However, control of the amulet's energy comes with a price, and Kellen soon learns that Cali's captor has plans for the stone. With the threat of the Star Catcher's evil looming above Kellen and his kingdom, he'll have to free the Heart of Faerie and break the curse that binds the Children of Danu to the darkness. But before that, he has to find his real father, the king. No pressure, right?

Kellen and Cali will battle bewitched armi…

Book Review: Yours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster

Title: Yours Truly, Taddy (The Undergrad Years, Book #2)
Author: Avery Aster
Publication Date: April 11, 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance

Reader warning: This novel is about a girl who likes a boy who likes boys and is intended for 18+

Blurb:Jetting to Martinique for a modeling assignment with three of Europe’s hottest magazine photographers—Gustave, Fabian, and Leon—should’ve been easy, breezy beautiful. Never did I expect to look up and see a hole in the ceiling of our plane that was bigger in size than my Birkin bag. Shit! We’re nose-diving toward Eden Island. I pictured how my New York Times obituary might read when I’m gone, “Taddy Brill, Manhattanite, dethroned descendant of the Austrian House of Brillford royalty, dies at age eighteen, penniless, unloved, and a virgin.” I swear this crap only happens to me. Suddenly, Leon pulls me with Fabian and Gustave. Adrenaline racing through me, our bodies clung as one. We prepared to…crash. The Undergrad Years is a New Adult contemporary minise…

Release Day Book Review: Amber Passion by Allie Burke

Title:  Amber Passion (Volume 3, The Enchanters Series)
Author: Allie Burke
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Booktrope Editions

Blurb:With a modern touch, Allie Burke’s third and final novel in the Enchanters series plays off the age old question: How far is too far to protect those you love? True love can be demonstrated in a multitude of actions or a multitude of sins. You choose.

Daniel is lost without his other half, his twin sister Abby, who is pregnant, depressed, and oh so far away, struggling with her own demons. Seeking a ray of sunlight in his dark world, Daniel visits Hazel Grove and for the second time experiences the sun shining in the middle of the night. But this is a sun with a different name. A sun with blonde hair and an orange aura and with a bright light that scares the darkness right out of him. The blackness that had been his heart for the duration of his life, is…fading. Can the enchanting Claire bring passion and comfort to…