Breaking Dawn Trailer #2

I'm so excited for this movie!! I feel that it's going to be so good!
Why oh why is November 18 2011 so far away??

So, what do you guys think about the trailer? 
Did you like it?


Maria Behar said…
Well, hey, there, Krishna!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and complimenting my review of "Vampire Crush"!!!

Now I have to tell you two things: 1.) THANKS for the "Breaking Dawn" trailer!!!!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! and 2.) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog's new look!!!

Also...have a GREAT weekend!! : )
Olga said…
I can't wait either. These movies get better every time and this one looks like it's going to be amazing!
Yes, I have high expectations for this movie. The trailer is so good!
Your welcome! Thanks for liking the new look of my blog^^

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