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Dec 1, 2011

Blog Tour: Foxworth Coven by Kayden McLeod Guest Post and Giveaway

Hey my loves! I'm back! After a dreadful silence, I'm here again! And I'm so happy to have the author of Foxworth Coven Series, Ms. Kayden McLeod in my blog today. So I'm not making this any longer, let's see what she have to share for us today..

It’s All About The Sound Of Music

Dear Reader,

As many authors, I listen to a variety of music while writing. The type of music depends heavily on the mood I’m going for to inspire which direction my mind will go.

I can’t say a precise artist inspires something specific. It’s the song itself: the lyrics and the tone of voice used throughout it. For example, for those of you who are familiar with Sara Cornwall, from the Cornwall Coven Series and Sara’s Story—the last WIP I worked on for her is Darker Indulgences.
Sara is a complicated, conflicted character born of violence. She is bitter and hateful to outsiders, yet full of loving, protective emotion for those she trusts. While writing about her I listened to Eminem and Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie, over and over again for days. I barely processed the lyrics or beat while I wrote, yet my subconscious, or muse if you will, absorbed the sentiment. Something about it screamed SARA to me.

There never has been any rhythm or reason, no pun intended, to what I listen to. All genres, all flavors, all artists. Some stuff gets added, and I never listen to it again. Others are once in a blue moon, then there is the selections that are the bread and butter for a specific piece, where I listen to the same 2-10 over and over again, until anyone around me knows each word-by-word. Fortunately, I live with people who never say anything about it, lol.

This is a very eclectic chunk of music from my playlist. These random selections have been listed in order from my Facebook playlist that is added to when I hear a song on the radio, or find myself humming something while writing.

Thank you so much for coming by today! Please feel free to come by and visit me. Leave a comment for a chance to win a Foxworth Coven E-Book!

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Kayden McLeod

Thank You Ms. Kayden McLeod for sharing this to us and for letting me be a part of your tour. And for the record, I love your taste in music!

 I've read the first book of your series and all I can say is WOW! I'll be posting my review of that book in the coming days. When my (crazy) College life stop interfering with my blogging life!

Death of Innocence
Book One of the Foxworth Coven Series
By Kayden McLeod
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires, Deities, M/F)
Hate Rating: Three
Warning: Some violence, off-scene rape
Publisher: Solstice Publishing (Solstice at Night)
Price: $4.99

Even unconditional love cannot always banish an eternal nightmare
The Foxworth family has blazed a trail through human and vampire history alike, changing the ways of both races in Canada for all time. The Council has demanded a full report for the long and twisted tale of how the Surrey Coven had come to be the most powerful and feared; an assemblage that anyone would question before coming up against.
The Leader of the Surrey Coven, Canya recalls how her family came to be. A story filled with pain and heartache, until she meets Gregory Foxworth: a debonair CEO to the family shipping company. Gregory remembers taking her away from a life that shocks him, hoping to shelter and love her. But little does he know all he has done, was make her a target for a sadistically warped man. One who will have her and his own personal brand of vengeance. Sometimes, a grudge is forever

Natural Urges
Book Two of the Foxworth Coven Series
By Kayden McLeod
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
(Vampires, Shifters, Deities)
Word Count: 76,561
Hate Rating: Three
Warning: Some violence off-scene rape

Love conquers all...and evil seeks to destroy it.
Arcadia Foxworth has no idea what destiny has in store for him. He thought his life as an elite Council Hunter of Rogues was his perfect career choice. But little does he know his fate truly lies in one little powder keg, Korbin Callows. She’s beautiful, graceful—and a stripper. After having woken up, remembering nothing about her old life, Korbin had to pull herself together and make tough decisions to survive a harsh world. And now people she doesn’t even know are out to kill her. She finds herself relying on Arcadia to maneuver the new dangers presented to her, as she starts to recall who she really is. A powerful being that could make every vampire in British Columbia fall to their knees, including Arcadia. 

More About the Author:
Kayden McLeod lives in beautiful British Columbia, and is the author of the M/F Paranormal Romance and erotica series, The Coven Series, which consists of three Covens; The Foxworths, The Cornwalls and The Jerichos. She also dabbles in a multitude of other genres that are in the works, like BDSM, Ménage, M/M and Horror. As well, Kayden is a freelance Graphic and Cover artist, a Cover Artist for XOXO Publishing, and an owner of Otherworlds Publicity and Siren Book Reviews.

Connect with Kayden online:


And for all of you my loves, as Ms. Kayden McLeod said she is offering a copy of her book! So what are you waiting for? Hit the comment section now! 

Worry not! This giveaway is open to everyone! To make it clearer, this is open INTERNATIONALLY!  Everyone is welcome!
And this giveaway will last till December 5 of 2011.

There is absolutely no need to follow my blog although it would be much appreciated!



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  1. Fantastic playlist!!
    The Prodigy are always on every single playlist i make- big fan lol.
    Death of Innocence is added to my to read list on Goodreads :-)

    As for what i'm listening to right now -and cannot get enough of- is Florence & the Machine's new album 'Ceremonials' it's just brilliant. Every single song.

    Best wishes with the series Kayden & fab post Lady K cheers for the opportunity :-)


  2. If I am in a sassy character mode--I listen to Miranda Lambert. My "of the moment listen" changes moment to moment.

    Love this blog and thank you for the giveaway chance <3


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