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Sep 20, 2012

Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway: The Broken Destiny (Broken #1) by Calyle Labuschagne

Hi guys! I hope you're all doing okay. I'm here to feature and review a book by Ms. Carlyle Labuschagne entitled The Broken Destiny. This post is actually late because I was really sick these past few days and I couldn't post it on time. (Still sick but a bit better now) I'm really really sorry for that, Ms. Carlyle Labuschagne.

An amazing new sci-fi series begins with The Broken Destiny: Book One of The Broken Series.

Ava's People have been exiled to Planet Poseidon, where through a series of horrific events, Ava discovers that their existence has been fabricated by The Council, And She has a Destiny that could save them. Her Soul is a secret weapon that has been lost to an ancient race. To fulfill her destiny Ava needs to go through a series of "changes" that will reveal her true purpose. Throughout her journey she will become what she hates in order to save the ones she loves. And through it all she will find herself - for that is her Destiny, to rise above the fall. 

The story continues in the next book Evanescent.

My Thoughts:

What I Liked:
  • I liked the complexity of the whole plot. Everything seemed so thought out and planned out. It was very well written.
  • The characters seems so complex. Everyone has a dark side. I liked that Ava wasn't perfect. She's the type of heroine, you wouldn't like instantly. She's the type that would grow on you. Ava is a strong girl but she's confused a lot of times. She's very frustrating but you empathize with what she's going through.
  • I liked Ava and Sam's friendship. As I've said it wasn't perfect but it was real. There were ups and downs. I love how they depend on each other. It's like Ava is Sam's home and Sam is Ava's home. They know each other so well. 
  • I also liked how Maya's character played a great part in this book.
  • I love the world that Ms. Carlyle has created in this book. As I said it was complex. It will make you think really hard on a lot of things that's happening inside it. 
What I didn't Liked:
  • The confusion. I think some parts in this book are unclear. But I guess, it's because as a reader I see what Ava sees, the book was written in her perspective, after all, and her confusion transfers to me. I hope the author would write the other characters points of view in the next book.
  • I felt that Troy and Ava lacks interaction to really 'feel' love. I mean, there is a connection between them but I felt that Troy was just like the wind in this book, he's there but not there. I'm actually expecting Troy to be more visible and more felt in the next book which really excites me. I really want to get to know Troy more.
Overall, I liked reading The Broken Destiny. It was very well written. As I said, it was well thought out and planned out. Ms. Carlyle Labuschagne is a very talented author. I really appreciated how very talented she is in the way she played with words in this book. It was beautifully written. For those readers who loves reading Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance with a whole lot of self discovery in their reads, I'm telling you to pick this book up because this is for you.

About the Author:
Carlyle Labuschagne

I am the Author of The Broken Series.
My tales stem from my experiences in South Africa, and brought them to my world of Science - Fiction, fantasy and Paranormal.
The Broken Destiny currently to be released in 2012 through US publishers, and will be available through Amazon , B&N and many more . Currently working on Evanescent #2 in the Broken Series.

My goal as an Author is to touch peoples lives and help others love their differences and one another.

A firm believer in - YA saves!


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