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Oct 9, 2012

Blog Tour: Book Review and Excerpt: Forever in Carolina by Nicholas A. White


Hi everyone! I'm back with another blog tour again. This time I'm posting a review of Forever Carolina by Mr. Nicholas A. White. You're also going to get a glimpse inside of this book down below. This tour was organized by Black Lion Tours.

Release Date: September 1, 2012
​Genre: Young Adult Novel​
Formats: Print and eBook​
Publisher: Magnifico Manuscripts
Book Blurb:
Jason Wyatt vowed that he would fulfill his deceased brother's collegiate-football dreams. Despite a growing number of injuries, he is willing to risk anything, even his health, to uphold that promise. With recruiting underway and a football future imminent, he meets Riley, a green-eyed beauty, with a haunting and unforgettable past and an overprotective father. Jason tries to balance young love with football, and as he nears high school graduation, he is confronted with a new set of life-altering obstacles to both.
My Thoughts:
This is the first book I've ever read from Mr. Nicholas A. White. It's good and I enjoyed reading it.
The plot is good. The truth is I loved it at first. The way it was written was good. It was beautiful. The book is about a young man who's experiencing everything a normal young man does. Jason was probably at the top of his life in high school but things are complicated because life always complicate things. He met Riley who made the complicated even more complicated. It's a story of first love, of what you do if everything you always dreamed of didn't happen because of certain unexpected things that life throws at you. It was a good realistic story.
The characters are normal enough. I guess, they're written in a very realistic way. They aren't perfect. They have these annoying traits because they are young. Mr. Nicholas White wrote Riley and Jason in a way that a reader could imagine them as real people who made mistakes, who has dreams, who hurts and who fails. It was amazing, actually. The only complaint I have for this book is the way it ended. The story of Riley feels so incomplete. It feels unresolved but other than that I think Forever in Carolina is a good realistic book to read.
Book Excerpt:

“I didn’t say that.” Mr. Wyatt possessed a rare and undervalued ability to
maintain his composure even in the most stressful situations; a patience, whether or
not the reasoning held validity, that he attributed to years of fishing. “All I’m saying,” he
continued, “is that he will be miserable if he doesn’t play this year. It’s not just a sport
for him. It’s how he connects with Allen, and you know that. Look at him out there,” he
motioned to the back window. “It’s who he is.”

Mrs. Wyatt sat in silence on their bed. A photograph of an eleven-year-old Allen
rested on the dresser by the bathroom. She had taken it before his first football practice
in sixth grade—his helmet draped over his eyebrows, the shoulder pads extended too far
past his shoulders, and his little body hid beneath the enormity of the leg pads. The first
two years after Allen had passed, Mrs. Wyatt cried every time she saw the picture, but she
refused to hide it. She calmed much quicker than her husband had anticipated. “I just don’t
want him to get hurt. Permanently hurt,” she said.
Author Bio:
Nicholas A. White studies civil engineering at Clemson University and is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina.
In his free time he enjoys golfing and fishing. Forever in Carolina is his first novel.


  1. Black Lion Virtual Book ToursOctober 09, 2012 9:18 PM

    Thank you for hosting Nicholas today and the for the wonderful review of his book!

  2. Nicholas A. WhiteOctober 10, 2012 11:32 AM

    Thank you for the review!


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