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May 14, 2011

Julie Garwood - The Bride Book Review

        The Bride is about an English Lady and a Scot Laird.  Jamie was forced to marry Alec Kincaid when the Scot king ordered Alec to pick an English bride, while Jamie’s stepfather was punished by England’s king because he didn’t pay his taxes.  Jamie’s stepfather was to marry two of his daughters to the Scots. He didn’t really want to give Jamie to the Scot because he depends on Jamie on running his house, so he tried to hide Jamie from the Scots by telling them he only have three daughters but they still found out about Jamie.
         Alec picked Jamie over her sisters because of her beauty and the strength of her character. Jamie is very tough lady who puts her family first before herself. Because she’s not really her stepfather’s daughter she’s learned to make herself useful to him and her sisters so that she would feel that she’s a part of them.
         At first she’s scared of Alec because there was a rumor that Alec killed his first wife but as the story progress, she learned to trust him.
         The book is about how Alec and Jamie adjusted to their new status in life. It is about how they put their differences aside to make their relationship work.
          I really loved this book! ‘The Bride’ is one of the historical romance novels that made me laugh. It is one of those books that are fun to read. When I was reading this book, I forgot everything that is surrounding me. I didn’t even notice how the sun has turned into night! I highly recommend this book!

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