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May 20, 2011

Nalini Singh- Slave to Sensation (Psy/Changeling Series 1)


             I’ve always said that Nalini Singh is my favorite writer in Paranormal genre. When I’m reading Nalini Singh’s Paranormal fiction, I always wonder how she can create a fiction so out of this world, so unique that I really want to open her brain and see what’s inside there.

             Psy/.Changeling is set in the future where the world is so different from ours now. In this book, the people of Earth are divided in three different types. The Psy has different abilities using their brain (Psychics). They are at the top because they have the most control of the government and economy. The Psy don’t have emotions, they don’t feel anymore because they were programmed that way called ‘Silence’. It is that way in order to protect themselves and others from being a killer. The Changelings are shape shifters who have different packs/communities based on their breeds. The two strongest packs are the predators, Dark River (panthers) and the Snow Dancers (wolves). There are also non-predatory packs. The Changelings are strong and very close to their packs that they belong to. They usually lived in the forest where the Psy are not allowed to come in because they have their treaty. Changelings are busy protecting their packs from the others who wants to take over their position that is why they didn’t bother with the Psy. And the third is the ordinary Humans.
             The characters are great and very likable. I love the hero and heroine in this story! Lucas Hunter is the alpha of the Dark River while Sacha Duncan is the daughter of one of the most powerful and cunning councilor of the Psy Council. Sacha is different from the other Psy because she feels. She tries so hard to pretend that she is not flawed but when she met Lucas Hunter who has a secret agenda for doing business with the Psy, her ability to feel developed more. She is like ticking bomb waiting to explode because every meeting with Lucas, it becomes harder and harder to control her emotions. Their chemistry is sizzling and steamy! And I totally loved it!
           The phasing of the story is nice. The intensity of the story slowly builds to the climax and it is exciting to read. There are so many different mixes in the story the makes it good. There is love, romance, mystery, friendship and politics. I salute Nalini Singh for making this fiction. I know that it is hard to start a series because the first book should intrigue charm and be loved by the readers for them to want and crave the next book and I believe that Nalini Singh passed this with flying colors!
            If you are one of those readers who loved their Paranormal Romances with depth, emotion and sizzling and steamy characters, then this book is for you!
            Happy reading everyone!


  1. I love her books, I've only listen to Slave Sensation, I'm waiting for the rest to come out on audio, but I read all the book to her Guild Hunter series, great books.
    I'm also trying to ge my blog going I'm new, I review Romance audiobooks,I'd love it you stop by.


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