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May 11, 2011

Nalini Singh – Guild Hunter Series One – Angel’s Blood Book Review

Angel’s blood is my very first read on Paranormal Romances genre. I can say that it did not disappoint me. It is one of the most amazing books I’ve read and I’m hooked!

In this book Nalini Singh introduced us to Elena Deveraux, the heroine. She is a very strong willed and independent vampire hunter. Elena is hunter born which basically means that she was born with her talent/gift/skill to hunt or track vampires who has gone rouge. This book is different from other vampire hunter books because Elena is vampire hunter but she does not stake a vampire in the heart to kill it. She belongs with the Guild, an association of vampire hunters who hunts and tracks vampires and returns them to their masters, the angels.

Elena is the best hunter born in the Guild that is why she is chosen by Raphael the archangel of New York and one of the Cadre of Ten to track an archangel who has gone bad because of madness. Raphael rules New York and one of the most powerful archangels. He is feared by many because of his cruel punishment to one of his vampires that tried to betray him.  Even Elena is afraid of him but she has too much pride to let the beautiful archangel manipulate her. Along the way, Raphael feels too much for Elena and she is making him feel human and that weakens him. Now Raphael has a choice to make, to let Elena in his heart and be weak or kill the source of his weakness.

I honestly love this book because it is different from the others I have read. The way it was written was absolutely lovely. I could not put this book down at all. I can’t bear to sleep without finishing it to the very last word. And now I want more! Nalini Singh succeeded in making me believe in the world she created, a very different world from our reality. It makes me want to find an archangel of my own, wishing Raphael is real and I’m his Elena. Isn’t that the beauty of reading a book? Making you want to be the character you absolutely love.


  1. Great review! I love this series, have you read the rest?


  2. Thanks! I did read the rest and I really do love this series!


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