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Jun 16, 2011

Ascension (Guardians of Acension 1) by Caris Roane Book Review

Well, this is the first Caris Roane I’ve read. I liked it. As I’ve always said, the first book of a starting boo series is the most critical one because the author needs to entice the readers to read the next one.

In this paranormal romance, Earth is divided to the Mortal Earth and the Second Earth. The Mortal Earth is the place where the normal humans live. They have no idea that there is a different dimension called the Second Earth. 

The Second Earth is the second dimension where the vampires live. Third and Fourth Earth was also mentioned in the book but nobody knows what is in there because no one has ascended into it yet.

Alison, the heroine in the story, is a therapist who has powerful abilities that made her different. She has always felt different and an outsider from her family because she’s not normal. She envies her sister who can have a normal life and a normal family. The last man she let in her life ended up in the hospital because she’s too powerful for him.

Kerric is one of the vampire warriors who kills the ‘death vampires’, the kind of vampires who drains human blood that would eventually kill the humans. Kerric’s family was killed because he’s a warrior thus, making him vow to himself that he’ll never take a wife as long as he’s a warrior. He doesn’t want to experience the pain and guilt of losing his family again.

The chemistry of the hero and heroine is great. The pacing of the story was slow at first but the climax was done nicely that you’d really feel it. Even the character are likable, but I have one issue on this fiction, I see glimpses of JR Wards’s Black Dagger Brotherhood so I cannot say it the most unique nor the most original I’ve ever read but it’s a nice read.

Overall, it’s a nice read! I recommend this fiction to those who love their bloodsuckers! And I’m looking forward to reading more from nice writer like Caris Roane!


  1. this sounds like an interesting read... thank you for your recommendation.

  2. Great review. Thanks. Donna


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