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Jun 20, 2011

How to Seduce a Scoundrel-Vicki Dreiling Book Review


By:                          Vicki Dreiling

Publication Date:        07/01/2011
Publisher Name:
Grand Central Publishing

Marc Darcett, Earl of Hawkfield or mostly known as Hawk is a scoundrel through and through, but he values his friendship with Tristan Garwick, Duke of Shelbourne and that’s why he agreed to take Tristan’s younger sister, Julianne as his ward for the rest of the season while Tristan is with his very pregnant wife in the country. He thought it would be easy! Hawk did not expect to find Julianne a grown woman. Even as a scoundrel, he still has rules, avoid virgins at all cost and to never dally with a friend’s sister and his growing feelings for Julianne is making everything complicated.

Julianne started the season with stars in her eyes. She has always been in love with Hawk. She rejected 12 proposals in the past seasons because she’s been waiting for Hawk. She really believed that Hawk has feeling for her.
Because of one waltz, motions were stirred. Hawk danced with her as if she’s the only woman for him. She thought he’s going to propose right then and there but she was so wrong! Right there he said that she’s like a sister to him. Those words shamed her, hurt and broke her heart to pieces. It took the stars from her eyes.

Feeling like a fool, spurned and rejected, she, with the help of Hawk’s eccentric and bold aunt, wrote a pamphlet on how to seduce a scoundrel for ladies who endlessly wait for scoundrels and rakes to tire of bachelorhood and offer for them.

This is the first Vicki Dreiling I’ve read and I can say that she’s one talented writer who knows how to stir the emotions of the readers. Her characters are fun to read because they seem real. There were times that I loved them and there were times that they frustrated me. I like the pacing of the book because you could see the growths of the main characters were not rushed unlike in other stories that the characters suddenly magically changed. I recommend this Historical Romance to those readers who love their scoundrels fun, witty and steamy!



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