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Jun 13, 2012

Blog Tour: Author Interview: Linn B. Halton (The Quintessential Gemini)

Welcome to Journey with Books! Today is a very special day because we have Ms. Linn B. Halton, the author of The Quintessential Gemini here on my blog for an interview! This post is supposed to be posted last June 10 but I totally missed an email.. tsk..! I sincerely apologized to Ms. Linn B. Halton for the lateness of this post.

Anyways, I know you've all waited long enough so I'll stop all these ramblings! Let's all see what we could find about Ms. Linn B. Halton!

Author Interview:
  • Tell us something about yourself. Something that would make your name stay with us.

I’ve always been a firm believer in fate and astrology. However, believing in life after death is something entirely different. It wasn’t really until 2009, following the death of my mother than I had an epiphany. Literally. I’ve always had ‘experiences’, partly because I’ve lived in a lot of very different houses, some over 250 years old. For most of my life I acknowledged each incident that happened to me then looked for ways of explaining it away. If I couldn’t, then I conveniently filed it away. I never dismissed anything out of hand, because each time it was something unique. I was happy to be a sceptic because ‘coming out’ is the hard part. As a sceptic you have nothing to explain away; as a believer you have no real proof. My husband wouldn’t even talk about it, so I rarely mentioned anything that happened. Then we moved into some converted stables and as soon as I walked inside I knew the old lady was still there with us, watching what we were doing. A short time later my husband had his first experience. It was a while before he started talking about it, but by then he was regularly seeing orbs and we were both feeling the very real dip in the bed when she sat at our feet at night. Even then, it took a couple of years’ until we had moved into another house and began having separate, then joint experiences. The problem with an experience when two people witness or feel it, is that you can’t continue to ignore it or put it down to an over-active imagination. Since that time so much has happened that has been positive and reaffirming, suffice to say we now both believe in life after death. We’ve had enough proof and validation from loved ones to know when they are with us.

  • What made you decide to write a book?

My psychic experiences began when I was very young and I have always had a very acute intuition when something is wrong. I gave up my full-time career because I had this building sense of anxiety that my mother wasn’t going to be with us for very long. I had nothing on which to base that feeling and it was a drastic thing for me to walk away from a job I loved. Within three months she died unexpectedly from leukaemia. I was home alone whilst sorting out her affairs and I found myself sitting down and writing that book I always knew I would. I didn’t think I would have the time until I was retired and I certainly didn’t think I would end up writing full-time instead of being in employment. Since the age of eleven I’ve maintained a journal where I write ideas for stories, although while raising my family and then building my working career there was no time to write develop them. I did however write quite a few poems. It’s hard to stop the ideas flowing, but I sensed that one day the time would be right for me to take ‘me time’ and write. I also knew it would then take over my life and it has!

  • What is your first ever read? The one that made you fall in love with books?

Well, it has to be The Angelique series by Sergeanne Golon (pen name for Anne Golon). I was much too young to be reading those books and I believe the library assumed I was borrowing them for my mother. I loved the sense of period, history, danger and romance. I also fell in love with The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins and re-read it so many times as a young teen. Both of these authors made me want to create my own world of characters, it’s pure escapism isn’t it?

  • What is the hardest part of being an author?

If writing was simply about sitting down and being alone in the study with the characters in your head, life would be a dream. However, I’d probably become a hermit and life would pass me by (laugh) so I realise it’s ‘be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!’ So, all of the other things that go along with the job - like editing, promoting etc are an essential part of the process. Sometimes though you simply have to write and then the other things become distractions when you really want to be at the keyboard working on a new project.

  • What are the perks of being an author?

Without a doubt the amazing people you meet on your writing journey. Fellow authors, who are generous in sharing their knowledge, offering help and support. Wonderful book reviewers whose lives revolve around reading new books and spreading the word, the level of professionalism is astounding. Many have very busy lives outside of their reviewing and I applaud them. Also the thrill of receiving a new review, each one is precious. You get to see another person’s perspective of your work and whilst not everyone is going to think what you have written is wonderful, it allows you to take on board comments and continue to improve. I’ve also had some wonderful Emails from fans – and for a new author that is the highest compliment anyone can ever pay you. To touch someone with something you have written to the extent that they contact you personally, is amazing.

  • Where did you get the inspiration to give life to your characters?

The Quintessential Gemini was written as a fun, romantic read. I’m a Gemini myself and I know how complicated we are, and how complicated we tend to make our lives! I’ve read my daily horoscopes for over twenty five years and nowadays mine arrives on my Blackberry every night, so I check it before I go to sleep. I like to know what the next day is likely to bring. One night the thought hit me ‘what if someone really did lead their life according to their daily horoscope and what if something went wrong ….’
From there the story evolved quite naturally. I love writing about the way people interact and I usually write from the perspective of several of the characters. I find it interesting glimpsing the different viewpoints. I try very hard to make each character believable, to show the flaws and insecurities, the baggage from the past that often weighs us down. But I also live as an eternal optimist and whilst life can be hard at times, eventually the sun will come out! For me life has one purpose and that is the pursuit of true love. If you are in love with the person you are with, then no matter what happens to you in life you know you can face it. Romance doesn’t dull as a relationship develops, it becomes a much deeper and more meaningful thing.
Fun Questions:

  • When the word "Hunk" is uttered, who is the first person wthat comes in to your mind?
Daniel Craig, that moment when he walked out of the water in Casino Royale is imprinted on my mind forever.

  • Who is that one "HOT" celebrity you would want to marry? (If you're not married)
Well, assuming I was hot too – someone like Kristen Stewart, then I would go for someone who seemed sensitive and soulful. It would have to be Zac Efron, he’s amazing.

  • If you're going to heaven, who is that ONE person you'd want to be with?
Well, my husband is glued to my side and is going to follow me wherever I go, but if he wasn’t around it would be Robert Pattison, I’d never tire of looking at him!

  • If you're going to hell, who is that ONE person that you would drag with you?
Jason Statham – he’d be able to fight his way out of anything and be the perfect protector! Actually, I’d probably choose him for all of the above categories, but I figured that would be a little predictable.
Thank you for some fabulous questions and for being a part of the tour!


And there you have it! Thank you so much to Ms. Linn B. Halton for this precious opportunity to get to know you! I am so happy and honored that you were game in answering all these questions. I am so happy to know that we both love Kristen Stewart! Yes! LOL! 

I hope the readers can get a glimpse of who you really are through this interview. And I also want to apologize for being late! I really you could forgive me. I didn't intend to miss this blog tour.

Paperback: 306 pages

Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing LLC 
Publication Date: June 7, 2012

Language: English
ISBN-10: 1938404092
ISBN-13: 978-1938404092

Book Blurb:

For twenty-one years, the focus of Katherine Dale’s life has been her work. Love interests and hobbies came and went, but what has always been there for her was her nine to five habit. Until she’s replaced. With her confidence dented, Katherine is angry at life and at herself. 

She’s ignored hints of “changes to come” in her horoscope forecasts, written by the wonderful and renowned astrologer, Mark Ainsley-Thomas. 

Mark is now an “A” list celebrity in the UK and his new Agent is determined to raise his profile in America, so he has to take on the new, but talented, astrologer James Kingman to help him run his web-site.

Katherine lives her life according to her daily horoscope. When Katherine finds James has been writing her daily horoscopes rather than Mark, Katherine’s life explodes in confusion and, unexpectedly, love as the three lives become inextricably tangled. 

Now Katherine has to learn that the stars might be telling her that love is going to feature in her life, but when Katherine finds herself implicated in the headlines ‘Mystic Love Triangle Surprise’ she’s just as surprised as everyone else! None of the men in her life are love interests – so what exactly does fate have in store?

Note: My review for this book will be posted within this week. So watch out for it!

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Paperback Edition:

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About the Author:
Author Picture
Linn B Halton lives in the UK, in the small Gloucestershire village of Arlingham, on the banks of the River Severn with her adorable husband and cat with attitude – Mr Tiggs! She writes romantic fiction with a psychic or astrological theme and many of the paranormal events that feature in her books are real life experiences.

Linn is also a featured new Author on and Editor of the feature ‘Author & Associate Catch-Ups’ including ‘Reader/Author Team Reports’ on the website’s magazine-style blog.


  1. Lovely to learn who Linn's choice of men in different circumstances would be. Met her for the first time yesterday after communicating with her for around a year and she is one amazing, inspiring lady. Great interview here, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you for such an interesting interview Lady Krishna! Such fun questions and I have to say I deliberated for a looooong time. Love the colour and layout of the website, it's so pretty.

  3. Ahhh, Daniel Craig... Sigh. No, sorry, have to stay true to George Clooney. He is waiting for me, y'know. Fab interview, Linn. Thank you for sharing your journey. - and for helping other authors share theirs. :) x

  4. Thank you so much for dropping by! I do love your answers! I can see that you're a really fun person to be with. :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by! And I do agree with the George Clooney comment! :)

  6. It was a close run-thing - George has the eyes!

  7. Don't tell my other half ... Lady Krishna Asi's questions gave me a couple of fun-filled hours and it was such a hard decision ....

  8. I loved this interview! Mmm Daniel Craig and the trunks! Happy dance! I have TQG on my Kindle ready to read and I can't wait - it sounds fantastic!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed answering these questions. I try to make them fun and exciting. :)

  10. It's a scene imprinted on my mind forever (laugh)! Sean Connery is my all time favourite Bond, but Daniel was a very close second - first in that scene ha! ha!

  11. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I do love knowing my readers thoughts. I'm sure you're going to enjoy reading Linn's The Quintessential Gemini! Happy Reading!

  12. haha.. it is difficult! But I do agree with you! I'd take Robert Pattinson in heaven. Anyways, if I see him it would be heaven for me! lol! Well, in hell, I'd probably take my family.. lol! don't tell them.. but seriously I want someone who would really love me for real and that's why I want them with me if ever I'd go to hell, which hopefully won't ever ever happen to me.

  13. What a super interview with some great questions and some interesting answers. Congratulations on launching this novel Linn, which certainly appeals to me and I'm sure will appeal to everyone who has ever read their horoscope!

  14. Hmmm Daniel Craig - afraid you would have to fight me for him. Fun and interesting interview. And a book I am so looking forward to read too. Well done both of you!

  15. Chris LongmuirJune 19, 2012 2:20 AM

    Interesting interview and I've contacted Daniel Craig and Zac Efron who were really interested in Linn but thought her husband Laurence was just a bit too much competition for them. Sorry, Linn

  16. Chris LongmuirJune 19, 2012 2:20 AM

    Interesting interview and I've contacted Daniel Craig and Zac Efron who were really interested in Linn but thought her husband Laurence was just a bit too much competition for them. Sorry, Linn

  17. OK - it's our little secret ... we won't tell anyone!

  18. Having met him Chris I'm sure you described him perfectly so they could see what the competition was all about! He's just too perfect for words!

  19. OK - it's our little secret ... we won't tell anyone!

  20. Chris LongmuirJune 19, 2012 2:20 AM

    I must say they were a bit disappointed but admitted defeat gracefully.


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