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Jun 18, 2012

Guest Post and Book Excerpt Plus a FREEBIE for everyone from Denise Verrico (Immortyl Revolution Series)

Hi my lovely readers! Welcome to Journey with Books Blog! Today, we have a special guest! We have Ms. Denise Verrico, the author of the Immortyl Revolution Series. Now, we're going to learn more about her work! Plus there's an excerpt for you guys! Also there's a freebie from Ms. Denise Verrico, so read on my lovely readers because you're gonna like it!

Author Guest Post:
Mia’s NYC

Thanks for having me here today! I’d like to offer every commenter who leaves a contact email a link and a free coupon code for my ebook of short stories, Annals of the Immortyls!

Today, I decided to let my heroine, Mia Disantini, take over. My books are largely set in Manhattan, with the exception of My Fearful Symmetry, book three, which is set in India. NYC is the ultimate setting for urban fantasy. I’ve lived in and around the city for many years. The spots Mia mentions are all found somewhere in my books. If you’d like a visual, I’ve included links from my Pinterest page where you can see some photos of these spots.

Mia’s Favorite Spots in New York City

1. Central Park- The park has a lot of great things to see. The Central Park Zoo is a charming place to visit. I also love the view from Belvedere Castle. Bethesda Fountain is another beautiful spot I like to haunt after dark.

2. Gramercy Park- I used to live on Gramercy. The park is only accessible to residents who have a key, but it’s a charming old neighborhood to walk around and photograph.

3.The Empire State Building almost goes without saying, but I recommend the view on a clear night. It’s truly breathtaking.

4. Battery Park - On the Southern tip of Manhattan, you can look out over the harbor and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You can buy tickets here to visit these sites. Ellis Island is a moving tribute to the immigrant experience.

5. Times Square - Yes, it is the center of the universe. If you like theatre, you can purchase your discounted tickets at TKTS. There is a statue of George M. Cohan too.

6. The American Museum of Natural History - You’ll want to reserve several hours to see everything. My wards always loved the dinosaur and marine halls best. 

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Again, take your time, there is so much to see. My favorite spots: The sculpture court and the Temple of Dendur.

Greenwich Village- Many interesting shops and buildings on the side streets—but take a map, every street seems to be named Bleecker or Waverly.

Chinatown/Little Italy- Some great ethnic restaurants, but try to go on a weekday. On the weekends, you can barely walk down the sidewalks because of the crowds. Also, try to go to a dim sum restaurant. These little dishes of dumplings and other tidbits are amazing. You’re also close to other interesting neighborhoods you may want to visit, Soho, Tribeca and the Lower Eastside.

10. Upper Eastside - If you have expensive tastes, like a certain boy I know, you won’t want to miss all the upscale retailers and chic salons in this area. Cedric is known by name in these establishments. Of course, this is the neighborhood where my master, Ethan, threw me out into the snow to fend for myself. No good memories for me here.

The World Trade Center Site- The newly completed memorial inhabits the footprint where the twin towers once stood, a place for meditation and paying respect to those who perished on that awful day.

There are a lot of neat spots in the city I haven’t yet mentioned. I’d also recommend the cloisters, the Bronx Zoo, the USS Intrepid, The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum and so many more. New York is and will always be, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world. Maybe I’m prejudiced, but I love my Big Apple.

Here are some more informations on the Immortyl Revolution Series:


Denise’s website:



Facebook fan page:

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Cedric on Twitter:!/cedricmackinnon

Current Release: Servant of the Goddess
Format: Print and multi format ebook

Book Blurb:

Can an Immortyl society survive in a modern world?

From the ashes of the first battle of the Immortyl Revolution, vampires Mia Disantini and Kurt Eisen set out to build a new Immortyl society. Trouble arrives in the person of Cedric MacKinnon, a runaway adept of the ancient arts, who brings tidings of upheaval at the chief elder’s court that threatens everything Mia and Kurt have accomplished. Mia finds it hard to resist when Cedric pledges his service and tempts her with the legendary skills he learned as an Immortyl courtesan. Facing opposition from both within and out, Mia begins to doubt Kurt is up to the task of leading their followers to his vision of an Immortyl Utopia. Torn between her loyalty to Kurt and Cedric’s insistence that she is the earthly manifestation of the Goddess Durga and destined to lead, Mia confronts the greatest challenge of her life.

Links to buy:


Amazon Page:

Servant of the Goddess Trade PB:

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Barnes and Noble: Servant of the Goddess Trade PB and Nook:


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Book Excerpt:

Sudden shouts battled against the sound of the wind. I peered down the block. Teen-formed Immortyls, sewer rats, closed a circle around a tall male, who held his hands high above his head. From the direction of the wind, I couldn’t yet ascertain this stranger as mortal or Immortyl. Best to investigate. I ran toward the disturbance, wrapping my fingers around the Glock strapped to my hip.

A shrill whistle split the air. Two of the sewer rats lunged for the stranger. He crouched and pirouetted on one leg, letting loose a rapid succession of kicks that knocked his attackers sprawling onto the sidewalk. A rat named Tommy growled and launched himself at the stranger. To my amazement, the stranger leapt high into the air and hovered there for a moment like a falcon before lashing out with both feet. Tommy’s head snapped backward, and he flattened against the pavement. The remaining rats hung back.

The slender figure of a boy maybe eighteen or nineteen touched down and crouched again, poised to strike. No mortal could perform such maneuvers with this speed and agility, not to mention almost ballet-like grace. The Immortyl’s face betrayed raw emotion, indicating he was new to the blood, probably not much older than his form suggested. Eamon, the rat pack leader, drew and aimed a pistol at him. The stranger raised his hands above his head once more.

I gave a sharp whistle for Eamon to stand down. “What’s going on here?”

Eamon lowered the gun and spit on the ground. His forever-twelve-year-old face scrunched up. “We found this one skulking about,” he said. Even after a century and half in New York his speech still gave away his Dublin origins. “Says he’s come from the chief elder’s house.”

The wind kicked up harder. Long, auburn hair whipped about the newcomer’s face. He shivered, hugging an Indian-styled shirt around him. Traces of black kohl and sienna rouge clung to his eyes and mouth, as if he’d scrubbed the paint off in a hurry. The make-up and impractical clothing pointed to origins more exotic than the russet hair and milky complexion suggested. His story sounded plausible. However, the odds that this kid had escaped the chief elder’s compound near Calcutta and made it all the way to New York on his own were unlikely. No slave had ever left there of his own accord.

Kurt had stood trial at the chief elder’s court for inciting rebellion. He’d told me that the chief, Kalidasa, employed state-of-the-art security, as well as vampire-eating tigers. The place was a veritable fortress. Still, there was always a first time, and this newcomer had held his own against Eamon’s band.

I had to admire the kid for standing up to Eamon and his thugs.

The pack leader and I didn’t care much for one another, but he’d fought for Kurt in our recent war with a rival elder. For political reasons, I forced myself to take a civil tone with him. “Did you bother to ask his business before you ordered an attack?” I called to the newcomer, “You--come here.”

The boy lowered his hands and slinked forward. I’d never seen a man move quite like this, with delicacy just brushing the feminine, yet suggesting coiled up, sinewy strength like a jungle cat. Instinct prompted my hand to reach for the Glock concealed on my hip. The kid had danger scrawled all over him in big garish letters.

“Is this true?” I asked.

“I ran away from court,” the boy replied, his speech tinged with a Scottish burr. “I’m seeking refuge here.”

The plaintive tone struck a chord in me. I sized him up again. His winsome looks didn’t belong to the usual brand of vampire assassin, but to a household slave chosen for his decorative value. Still, his swift feet could kill if given the chance. Wouldn’t it be just like Giulietta to send death in such an appealing guise?

“Kurt’s counselor, Chase Powers, can vouch for me,” he continued. “Take me to him.”

“You know Chase?”

“We met in India during Kurt’s trial. He said I’d be welcome here. Please Miss. You have to believe me. I’ve come such a long way and got nowhere else to go.” Desperation filled the spooky, green eyes. They almost glowed, more like a cat’s than a man’s. “There’s probably a bounty offered for my return by now.”

“What did you do?”

“It’s not what I did. It’s what I am.” He held out his hands. Henna tattoos snaked around the wrists and tops, elaborate whirls and spirals. “The marks of my order. I’m an adept of the ancient arts.”

He was an adept? I’d always imagined these temple devotees and de facto courtesans as Indian in origin. I gave the boy a closer look. His clothing had seen better days, but the sinuous way he moved made them a fashion statement. You couldn’t deny the perfection of feature and figure required of his order. He stood out from Eamon’s mangy lot like an emerald in a box of Cracker Jacks.

Freebie Alert:

Ms. Denise Verrico was so generous because she's giving a copy of her book to every commenter on this post who leaves their email address on the comment section below.
This is the book you're going to get for free!

So, what are you guys waiting for? Hit the comment section now, leave a comment and don't forget to thank Ms. Denise Verrico!


  1. Denise VerricoJune 19, 2012 7:56 AM

    Thanks for having me here today!

  2. I've never been to New York, but I hope to get there one day!

    I love paranormal books, and I'd love to read more about Mia and Kurt!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  3. I would love to read it!!!
    My email:
    my blog:
    Thanks so much

  4. Verrico DeniseJune 26, 2012 9:46 PM

    Thanks! I appreciate your comment. New York is a wonderful city. So many things to do and the people are great. I'll send the link over to you soon!

  5. Verrico DeniseJune 26, 2012 9:52 PM

    Thanks, Chasity! I hope you enjoy it!


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