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Jun 8, 2012

Book Review: The Green by Karly Kirkpatrick

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Print Length: 169 pages
Publisher: DarkSide Publishing (January 15, 2012)
Language: English

Book Blurb:

How far would you go to save your dream?

Seventeen-year-old Ariceli Pisa is a senior at the prestigious Cambridge High School and has her sights set on Northwestern University. She's a cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society...and a drug dealer. That's not the only secret she has to keep from her best friend Naomi--she’s also madly in love with Naomi’s ex-boyfriend, James Bartlett. Trying to balance her life at Cambridge High with her new demanding job keeps her teetering on the edge of disaster. 

The Green is a full novel at 53,000 words. It contains strong language and drug references and is advised for ages 14 and up.

My Thoughts:

The Green is the first novel from Ms. Karly Kirkpatrick I've ever read and I'm really surprised that I enjoyed it. 

The Green is about a teenager who was forced to make difficult choices in her young life to be able to make money for herself and her mother. At first, I didn't get Ariceli. She was the kind of heroine that's hard to like. She's not really nice. She's not perfect. She's ambitious and driven. I wouldn't call her bad either. I think I would like to call her as a teenager, a young girl who had a tough life and became tough because of how she's lived her life. Sometimes, she's selfish but as the story goes along, she grew on me. I don't particularly agree on her choices but as the story goes, I've learned to understand her and like her. 

The plot of the story is quite intriguing and at times intense. I liked how Ms. Karly Kirkpatrick tried to show through her book, how our young people are forced to do things because of the circumstances they find themselves in. 

I also liked the other characters of the book. They're quite interesting to get to know. 

The romance part of the book is also nice. Although, I wouldn't say that it's the main part of the book. It is nice and heartwarming. 

The only part where I had complaints is the way this book ended. I wished this book had an ending where everything is wrapped up tight and nicely. Don't get me wrong, it has a nice ending, there are just a few issues left open but other than that it's all ok.

Overall, I liked this book! It's nice to read a book where serious issues are discussed out in the open. I love the courage of this book to stay on reality. If you want to read a book that contains asweet romance with a lot of edgy reality, then I suggest you pick this book up because this is definitely what you're looking for.

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About the Author:

Karly Kirkpatrick
I am a YA writer, avid reader, high school German and French teacher, and mother of a toddler. I live in Elgin, Illinois with my husband, daughter, and two stinky Shih Tzus. 

I also run DarkSide Publishing, specializing in publishing fantastic ebooks! We have some great titles available, including Anathema, a YA fantasy by Megg Jensen, The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching, Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie, and Bloody Little Secrets, The Green, and Into the Shadows by me! Be sure to add them to your to-read list and check out for more info.

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