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Jun 1, 2012

Book Review: Retribution (Redemption Series Book 3) by R.K Ryals

Author: R.K Ryals
File Size: 336 KB
Language: English
ASIN: B0084F4N3I
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Amazon: Retribution (Redemption Series)

Book Blurb:

Love can overcome many odds. And while this emotion is worth many trials and tribulations, it can also lead to death.


It is a love that is forbidden . . .

Dayton Blainey is the only sane Naphil ever to walk the face of the Earth, and she's in love with a Demon she's been bound to by blood.

Can love triumph over fate . . .

Marcas Craig is the Demon son of Lilith and Cain. He has a destiny he has turned his back on for Dayton.

There is only one choice . . .

Kidnapped by Marcas' insane twin brother, Damon, Dayton has become a pawn in Damon's fanatical attempt at securing his own redemption. The Seal is now in the hands of a mad Demon, there is a civil war brewing in Hell, and Dayton and Marcas' love could destroy Earth.

In the end, will love conquer all?

My review for the first two books of the series:

My Thoughts:

Retribution is the third and last book of the Redemption Series by the very talented Ms. R.K Ryals. As you all know, if you've been reading my reviews, I am an uber fan of the Redemption Series. I have been raving about it ever since I've read the first one and I am happy to say that Ms. R.K Ryals had even exceeded my expectations for the ending of my very well loved Redemption Series.

Ending a series on a high note is very difficult to do but the author did it well. Retribution started where Ransom, the second book ended. I'm not going to summarize or give away anything because I don't want spoil the readers who haven't discovered the pure genius of Redemption yet. I am seriously recommending this series to all of you who haven't read it! 

The whole book is really great! There's nothing I didn't love about it. It retained, if not exceeded the good qualities that made me love the first two books. I saw Marcas and Dayton's relationship grew from nothing to everything. I super love their romance and their chemistry. The way they fought to be together is so amazing and fascinating. I love reading their interactions together because it was never boring. It was witty, sometimes frustrating and most of the time heart-felt. The plot is simply amazing. Forbidden love plot had been used before but Ms. R.K Ryals owned it! She let her character be natural and alive. I've written this before for the first two books and I'm glad that Ms. R.K Ryals maintained the realness and the believability of the characters. The chemistry and romance wasn't forced. And the action! This book is full of action that a reader would  definitely feel the thrill of being in a battle! The feel of rooting for Marcas and Dayton to win this epic battle for them to be  together is one I would never forget. 

Overall, this book is simply amazing! It's perfect ending for the series. I know for sure that there'll be spin off for the other characters and I'm so happy because the truth is, I'm not yet ready to say goodbye to the fantastic world that Ms. R.K Ryals has created. I'm itching to read more!

Where to Buy:

Redemption (Redemption Series Book 1)

Ransom (Redemption Series Book 2)

Retribution (Redemption Series Book 3)

About the Author:
I am a Native Mississippian who started writing in elementary school. I was a reserved child who threw away almost everything I wrote. Later, when I was older, I discovered the crumpled pieces of my work in a box in my mother's hope chest. When I asked her why she saved the work, she replied,

"What you considered trash, I considered genius." 

It has been my motto ever since. My mother passed in 2005. She is missed.

I am the scatterbrained (no lie) mother of three, and I live in Mississippi with my husband and three divalicious daughters and a female shitszu (also a diva)named Tinkerbell. My poor husband!

Redemption is a three book series following young, brash Dayton Blainey. The first two books are now available on for kindle and in print. 

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